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About Us

Ballroom Business is a dance school founded back in 2016 by owner Chloe Carman in Harwich, Essex. Specialising in Ballroom & Latin at the time, the dance school now offers multiple dance styles for students to enjoy such as Ballroom, Latin American, Contemporary, Commercial & Street Latin.

With Ballroom & Latin being the founders strength, since the school opened we have welcomed hundreds of children through our doors teaching them the fundimentals of the style with FUN being our main focus. We like to offer our students as many opportunities as possible that anybody can get involved with and memories that will last a lifetime.

Ballroom Business has become such a success that Chloe has now set up in two other towns (Colchester & Clacton) offering Ballroom & Latin American to children.

Meet the Team

What we offer

At Ballroom Business our goal is to give children memories that will last a lifetime. They don't have to want to make a career out of dancing; they just need to want to have fun and enjoy the moment! Whatever level your child wants to take their dancing to, Ballroom Business can get you there.

For all our students we put on a huge annual showcase of their hard work and talent, take part in multiple performances/productions during the year and host as many get togethers as possible to keep the family spirit alive that we have always had since day 1.

Some of these performances include hosting our very own show with Strictly Come Dancing stars AJ Pritchard & Chloe Hewitt. We also took our students to perform of the world renowned 'Her Majesties Theatre' stage. As well as all of this we love to do as much in the community as possible such as going into elderly homes and dancing for them all and spreading positivity and joy.

We also offer exams here at Ballroom Business in Ballroom, Latin American & Freestyle.  Our exams are under the ISTD & NATD. We have been doing exams for roughly 3 years now and are so proud to say we have a 100% honours rate which means every single child who has ever been submitted for exams have received the top grade bracket for their dancing. This is something we are really proud to say that we hold as it shows the high quality teaching we have at Ballroom Business.

One of the biggest parts to our school is our competitive team. We take a large portion of our students to compete in ISTD, NATD & Open to the world circuit competitions. We have been entering competitions for over 3 years as we believe it gives the children so many incredible life skills; Motivation, determination, resilience & a goal to always work towards. 

Competitions take the children all over the country from local venues to the most beautiful ballrooms including the Empress Ballroom and Blackpool Tower. We are so lucky to say we have taken our children to all these beautiful venues and hold many happy memories there.

We are so proud to say that in just 3 years of competing we have had over 40 national finalists, 2 British National champions and over 200 finalist across our area qualifiers. We hope to continue to keep striving and achieving with our students, current and the future stars of tomorrow!

Our National Champions from 2018 & 2019 Lexie Smith & Beau Corrigan
Our 2018 & 2019 National Finalists
Pictures from our 2020 performance at 'Her Majesties Theatre'. A full cast photo as well as an action shot from our piece 'The Circle of Life'.
Pictures of our students with Strictly Come Dancing stars 'AJ Pritchard & Chloe Hewitt' from our show we hosted where the children performed with the Strictly stars!
Our students taking part in community and charity work. BB students raised over £2,500 for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic

As you can see we are all about making special memories for special children and families. Head over to the 'Contact Us' tab to get your child signed up, we can assure you, you will never look back. 

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